PSHCE is taught throughout the school to promote a positive learning environment for the children and to give the children social skills to prepare them for their future. It is taught following the SEAL scheme of work and each year group follows the same topics that are developed and built upon as the children move through the school. Each topic is taught in a six week block and begins with a whole school assembly to introduce the topic. Children are given the opportunity to develop social skills and learn how to react to different situations which they may encounter in their school life. It also gives the children the opportunity to think about themselves as a person and learner. The main aims of PSHCE are to promote children as successful learners, confident individuals and responsible adults. From the teaching of PSHCE, there is a positive ethos that can be felt within the school.

Please see below the whole school overview for PSHE



‘I like circle time because it is nice to work together and you get to find out what people think.’Y3

‘I like circle time because we all get to take a turn doing something.’ Y3

‘I like circle time because we get to share things with the rest of the class.’ Y3.

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