Early Years Foundation Stage Nursery and Reception are part of our Early Years provision, a distinct stage of education for children aged 3 to 5 years.  

Within our school, Early Years comprises of two sections; Lower EY (Nursery) and Upper EY (Reception). This Key Stage follows its own curriculum and places learning firmly within the context of play and practical experience.

The Early Years staff work carefully together to offer children the highest quality experience in a welcoming, safe and secure environment. We strive to make a positive contribution to children’s early development and to help them develop skills that will form the basis for lifelong learning.

We aim to give children an enthusiasm for learning and ensure that all children achieve their full potential. Furthermore, at Barley Fields we promote a sense of family and place immense value on partnerships with parents and carers. Working together for the benefit of each individual child.

The Curriculum

At Barley Fields Primary School, we pride ourselves on the quality and breadth of our curriculum. It is designed to cater for all pupils – regardless of gender, race or level of intellectual skill.  As well as being academically demanding, our curriculum is also devised to promote growth mind-set principles and develop our children into confident, self-motivated and resilient learners.  It is created to promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, social, cognitive and physical development of each child.

Early Years provision places learning and achievement firmly within a context of play and practical, experiential learning and follow 4 key principles:

  • 1. A Unique Child This theme is about how the children develop: they are all different, but should be treated equally. Positive relationships and communication are vital. The children need to learn about taking risks and safety, how to make good choices, and how to stick to boundaries. They do best when all their physical and emotional needs are met.
  • 2. Positive Relationships This theme is about the children learning to manage their feelings and build friendships. We will respect all kinds of families and aim to develop a positive two-way relationship with parents. We will support, listen to and work with the children to help them learn. A Key Person looks after each child, helping him/her become familiar with the setting and to feel confident and safe within it. We will also talk to parents to make sure that the needs of the child are being met appropriately.
  • 3. Enabling Environments This theme is about planning for and checking on each child’s progress. We will ensure that the inside and outside spaces are safe, interesting and engaging. We will support children when they move on, working as a team to help your child succeed.
  • 4. Learning and Development This theme is about how the children learn – through play and exploration, with adult support for each individual. We will encourage the children to develop their imagination, to get actively involved in learning and to make decisions. We will develop the children’s creative and critical thinking, balancing the need for both the children and adults to lead the learning.

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