Out school has a legal duty to work in partnership with families and to involve all those with parental responsibility in their child’s education (see Appendix A – Guidance on Parental Responsibility). This obligation on schools continues even when family circumstances change, for example, relationships between parents break down. It is generally in the best interest of children if parents and schools can work together.

As a school we will support separated parents and look for ways to continue to involve them in their child’s education and ensure they receive information about their child if this is an issue.  Where possible we can share the following with non-residential parents who request it:

  • Termly Newsletters
  • School Calendar of Events
  • Invitations to meetings in school regarding your child
  • Additional copies of all school letters appropriate to age of child
  • Additional appointment for consultation evenings
  • Additional copies of end of year reports/interim reports.

All information may be sent via Marvellous Me, your child, Email or post to non-residential parents (parents to supply the school office with stamped addressed envelopes for this purpose). 

Separated parents are required to inform the school and to return a request for additional information form indicating ways in which they would like to be kept informed.

Working with Separated Parents Policy
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