“In the early years, pupils thrive.”

OFSTED (2018)

Barley Fields provides children with exciting and stimulating learning opportunities within a nurturing, happy and safe environment. We have high expectations of our children, in line with our school ethos, and time spent in early years is used to establish strong foundations for successful lifelong learning.  

We aim to create awe and wonder in day-to-day provision and we use our learning environment to develop curiosity and discussion. We strive to instil children with confidence and high self-esteem to ensure they approach new scenarios, and embrace possibilities, with a smile on their face. It is important to us that our children learn how to be resilient and resourceful and that they identify learning as a process, rather than an outcome. 

The early years team establish positive relationships with all children, built on mutual respect, trust and understanding of each child’s personality and needs. Children’s ideas are listened to, and valued, and adults play alongside all learners to introduce challenges and help everyone achieve their potential.  We recognise the importance of interaction and staff provide a model of care, interest and empathy which we hope to see reflected in peer-to-peer communication. 

We value children’s play and understand that learning opportunities in their most natural child-initiated form often provide the most effective ways to develop ideas and explore new themes within a meaningful context. Learning should be practical and collaborative and this is recognised by staff who approach play with the respect it deserves in an effort to help children flourish in the moment. We find ways to ensure everyone feels included and every learner is equipped with the tools needed to help them thrive in life, rather than solely in preparation for full-time school.  

We encourage children to be self-sufficient and independent and to exercise self-respect at all times. It is equally important to us that children understand the benefits of togetherness. This is achieved in the way children are encouraged to communicate their feelings and regulate their emotions, as part of their understanding of themselves, but also in the way that we can share experiences with those around us to help us grow and feel secure. We promote a family-feel in our setting and create cohorts of children who recognise the importance of being part of a team. Each child contributes to, and benefits from, the joy, security and diversity that our school community offers and this supports them as their school journey evolves.  

“Children enjoy the many rich learning activities available to them both indoors and outdoors. They readily explore their environment, develop their language skills and learn together through imaginative play.”

OFSTED (2018)

Early Years Policy 2023
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