At Barley Fields, we believe that ‘Every School Day Counts’. Children are expected to attend school unless they are too ill to do so. Research has shown that children with good school attendance build up stronger friendship groups and are happy learners. 

Parents/carers are expected to telephone the school on the first day of a child’s absence by 10.00am to allow the administration team to register the category of absence.  In all cases the administration team will attempt to contact parents on the first day of absence if there has been no parental contact. 

We require notification in advance if your child has to be taken out of school during school hours. He/she must be collected by a responsible adult and for Fire Safety Procedures, we ask parents to sign out / sign in your child in the Authorised Absence Register in the main school office. We ask parents not to make appointments in school time, if at all possible, as this disrupts your child’s education.

Parents should be aware that leave of absence during term time will only be given in very exceptional circumstances. The school will not authorise a leave of absence for the purpose of a family holiday.  Parents are advised to approach the school to discuss the reasons for a request for a leave of absence prior to making any arrangements.  Parents who remove children from school for reasons other than exceptional circumstances will find that the absence is not authorised by the school and this may lead to the involvement of the attendance service and may, in particular circumstances, involve the issuing of a penalty notice.

Whole school and individual pupil attendance is carefully monitored by Mr Shildrick (Assistant Head Teacher) and he is responsible for working proactively with parents when attendance levels become a cause for concern.  If you are worried about your child’s attendance please make an appointment to speak with him.


The school has clear policy and procedure for monitoring attendance and dealing with absence.  Our Policy and procedure are ratified annually by governors.  Please click on the link below to view the policy.

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