At Barley Fields Primary School we continually strive to provide a high quality education for each child and to involve parents as fully as possible in this provision. We are also aware that occasionally unexpected events happen, we make a mistake or things go wrong. 

If this happens there are many ways in which you may voice your concerns so that we can investigate and address issues promptly.

The quickest way of solving problems is through personal contact with your child’s teacher. Please remember that teachers will be busy during the day, so it is best to make an appointment to meet with them either before or after the working day.

If this is not appropriate then please make an appointment to see the Head Teacher or Deputy Head Teacher to discuss the issue.

You may choose to put your concerns in writing. If you do so, you should expect to receive a reply within 5 working days of the receipt of your original letter.

In the unlikely event of a complaint being unsatisfactorily resolved or you continue to be dissatisfied with the way in which a complaint has been dealt with, parents have the right to take the matter to the Chair of Governors or the Governing Body Complaints Committee.

Details of this process are in the Complaints Policy at the bottom of this page.

We prefer to be informed very quickly when things go wrong but we also like to be told when we get things right!   We would like to hear from parents when you are pleased with particular aspects of the school or value something we have done well. 

Arrangements for considering complaints about Special Educational provision within the school.

  1. Initial problems should be addressed by the class teacher and age phase leader.  A meeting with parents should be held to discuss the problem or concern.
  2. Depending on the outcome of this meeting, a referral to the SENCO or Head Teacher should be made.
  3. If no agreement can be reached, parents should be informed of the name of the school SEN Governor and the existence of LA identified/nominated persons who may offer further support and advice.
  4. Procedures in the school complaints policy will be followed.

As we aim to work in close partnership with parents and children, we would hope to resolve any difficulties or complaints within school at a very early stage.

Complaint Policy -PRST
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