Music is an integral and well-resourced part of life at Barley Fields Primary. We want our music teaching to be fun and inspiring, engaging the children with songs, lyrics and movement. We want the children to feel able and reflective and expressive, developing their own appreciation of music with the opportunities we provide as a school.  All children are actively encouraged and given the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument, from standard classroom instruments to individual instrumental lessons with the visiting peripatetic staff.


Through our music teaching children are actively involved in a wide range of musical opportunities and exploration of music styles.  Children develop their singing voices, using body percussion and whole body actions, and learning to handle and play classroom instruments effectively to create and express their own and others’ music. Through a range of whole class, group and individual activities, children have opportunities to explore sounds, listen actively, compose and perform.

Music skills are also enriched as part of our afterschool club programme which includes additional lessons in percussion, keyboard and guitar.


Our Music curriculum is fun and enjoyed by learners, well-resourced and planned to demonstrate progression through Key Stage 1 and 2.  In addition, we measure the impact of our curriculum through:

  • A reflection on standards achieved against the planned outcomes;
  • A celebration of learning which demonstrates progression across the school;
  • Tracking of knowledge in pre and post learning activities;
  • Pupil discussions about their learning.
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