Marvellous Me is a simple app that supports home school partnerships and allows staff in school to regularly share wonderful news about your child’s learning and positive behaviour.  As a school we are thrilled with the positive response we have received regarding our use of Marvellous Me and we currently have 99% of our parents and families using the app.

It is now our main means of communicating with parents and we urge everyone to sign up to receive all messages, letters and newsletters.

The benefits of using the app are:

  • Share in your child’s school day – Get alerts every time your child’s teacher posts an activity, awards your child a badge, or sends you a message. Safely share the news with the whole family.
  • Support your child’s learning and development – Have more meaningful conversations with your child about school and their experiences. Your involvement will have the biggest impact on their ongoing success.
  • Celebrate your child’s success – Smile every time your child gets a badge. Tell them how proud you are and reinforce their good work and positive behaviour.
  • Keep up-to-date – Get messages and reminders from your child’s teacher and ‘Hi5’ them back.

How do I use it?

The app can be downloaded from the AppStore or GooglePlay Store or can be viewed via an internet browser. Codes are issued to all children and can be obtained from the school office or your child’s class teacher.

MarvellousMe - Parent Quick Reference Guide
MarvellousMe - Parent Guide
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